A Love Letter

SO! As you know, I journal/pray a lot. This is a love-letter from God that came to me the other day. I simply replaced “Britt” with a blank, to make it easier to read, so please feel free to insert your name in the space. I hope this encourages you guys as much as it encouraged me. I love you all!!


Walk on the road I have paved for you. Do not look to the right or to the left, but keep Your eyes on me. I know where to take You and no one else does.

I know what You need; physically emotionally, spiritually, sexually, materially, everything. I created every cell in your body.
I created every moment that passes on this earth, and I hold them all together.

I saw the universe before I created it, and I brought it all together with a breath.
How much more can I bring the solution to your problems?

The things you cling to in this world will only keep you from seeing the blessings I want to shower on you, my child.

I delight in showing mercy.
I delight in showing you favor.
I delight in giving you exactly what you need before you even know how to ask.
Do not think that hard times are being used against you. They are always for you.
You don’t see the world like I see it. Your years in the desert are not as punishment. This is just for you so just let go.

Listen to what I have to say.

_________, I made you.

I literally formed you. With my own hands and the deepest desires of my heart, as the King of all.
I look at you and I see infinite beauty.
I look at you and I see my stamp, my insignia, my name written on you.

I not only see the person I created precisely to be YOU, as my workmanship, my prized possession, and my beloved child, but I only see you through the lens of my Son’s atoning sacrifice.

I see you clean and clear,
I see you as you were meant to be, without blemish or accusation.

All the things you say about yourself offend my ears because I see you as my perfect child, blessed, bought, and purified by my son!

There is no holier position.

The Angels do not get this honor–they do not get to be united to Christ in this way.
Not only did I make you from nothing, into exactly the person I wanted to live forever, but I also claimed you with my own blood.

Christs pain was my pain. We are one. This is too deep to comprehend but it will help you to realize how much I love you when you realize that that was me on the cross. Fully man and fully God.

I did not create another God to do that job. I AM. I am He. Christ is in me and is part of me. I died on that cross for You, __________.

I not only experienced the loss of a Son as a Father, but I willingly endured the scourge of death and humiliation in a human body.

It was truly the heaviest weight anyone could ever bear.
Only God, only I, could do that.
Don’t you see?

I broke my own body for you.
THAT is how sure I am about how I feel for you.

That is how sure I am that I didn’t make a mistake when I formed you in your mothers womb.

I created you because I wanted you to love me.
I created you because I wanted to spend time with you.
I can do anything I want, and that is what I wanted.

I WANTED to make you, _________.
I wanted every cell in your body to be the way that it is.
I want you to have your personality, your talents, your voice, and your mind.

I even crafted your heart with capacity to love me, because I wanted to have that love.

I desire your love specifically.

Out of all the people, places, galaxies, animals, mountains, universes and things great and small, I crave intimacy with you. My heart longs for you. My soul pines to connect with yours.

I had all the choice that could ever exist and I made you just as you are.
Just for Me.

I want your focus and your heart and your attention and your love.
And the reason I want it so badly is because I know that you need it!

You need to be plugged in to me.

When I say to “Trust in me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge me, and I will direct your paths”, I used the Hebrew word “yada” for acknowedge, a word that expresses he intimacy between a man and wife!

I call you to myself this way.
I say KNOW me INTIMATELY in all your ways.

I want you to have that deep intimacy with me, because, ______, then you are unstoppable.

Then I don’t have to watch my beloved creation hating herself, questioning herself, hurting herself, doubting my goodness, running away from blessings, self-sabotaging, buying the lies of the enemy, and so forth.

The life I want for you has to be filled with me because I AM the way, I AM the truth and I AM the life. The fullness of my abundant life and the pleasures i delight to give you can only exist in relationship with me.

I cannot bless you in your wandering the same way I can bless you in obedience and purity.

It is never that I desire to withhold anything from you, but it is only when you cultivate those traits can you handle what I want to give you!

When people get the good things without me, they lose their minds and worship the things themselves. ________, this is not what I want for you. Because then even the good things get tainted.

I want you to place me first, because this is the only way to stay truly pure, unchanged, and in control, instead of being taken over by the blessings and worshipping them.

This is why I lead the ones I love through seasons of Plenty and seasons of Lack (physically, naturally, financially) because I need them to worship me as Lord of all seasons.
This is a deep act of love unto you, although it is sometimes hard to see, without my Spirit.

I know that men who have all their physical needs met on this earth, without leaning on me are the poorest of all men. Theirs is the hardest load to bear.

That is why I say blessed are the poor in spirit, for they know they need me!
This is why I say, they will see God.

They will seek me, out of dependence and they WILL find me. And, ______, you are.

So, do not spurn, begrudge, or run from the hard times that come to you on this earth.
They are truly developing greatness of character and awareness of your daily dependence on me.

This is true wealth!
It is the greatest blessing to know that you need me.

It’s actually the way you were created BY me!
When you feel that need, you are blessed.
You are right where you are meant to be.

Even I knew I needed to commune with God. I AM God. And yet I needed, in my human body, to pray to the Father.

Follow my example, ______.
For, I am the God who made you,
the God who sees you,
the God who is for you and never against you.
The God who holds time and space in His hand and yet cares about every tear.

Let your tears be portals into my heart. Let them draw you nearer to me. Let them pull your spirit closer to the heavenly realms, where I dwell in constant adoration of you, constant care, constant attention.

______, if you knew how constantly and carefully I considered you and arranged every moment of your life, you would not waste one moment worrying.

I promise you that.

You would live with such joy and expectation!

You would never consider not knowing the future as a hardship, but as a perfect blessing (which is what it is!).

You would realize I am already in complete control, and that the safest place to ever be is in my hand.

Before you ever said yes to me, I redeemed you by laying my life down, being tormented, ripped apart, mocked and blasphemed, flogged and hung to die in shame. How much more will I care for you now that you are mine?

______, You are never outside of my watchful care. I bought you at great price and I will never stop pursuing you.

I cannot imagine life without you,______.

Any amount of love you have ever felt for anything, at any time, is but a glimpse of my infinite love, compassion, and pure adoration and affection for you.

When you have children you will taste a little more, but it will still pale in comparison.

Even when you see me face to face in all my glory and fall on your knees with the nations worshipping my holiness, you will still never fully know how much I love you.

I AM love.

It does not exist without me, anywhere. I am the definition, the creator, and the embodiment of it. Every other love you have or will ever experience is a tainted version, a mere broken reflection of what I AM.

Can you even imagine the streams of love that flow from my throne down to you?

I know that you want to, but I also know that you cannot.

For now,just remember that I know every hair on your head.
I treasure every thought you have.
I record every moment.
Your name is written in my book of life, because I drew you to me with great care.

I delight in our relationship.
I delight in strengthening you as you cling to me more and more.
I did not make a mistake when I made you exactly as you are.

I am here and I am pleased.

I did not forget about you.

When it’s hard, it’s not punishment, it’s not a mistake, and it’s not over.
It’s a growing season for more responsibility, more blessing, and more harvest.

You cannot give what you don’t have.
You cannot teach what you haven’t learned.

The hard times are about learning to lean on me.
Let me show you how blessed these times are.
Let me renew your spirit and build you up when the world says you should be down.
Let me teach you to worship and commune with me when you don’t know what’s coming.
Let me remind you that I alone am God.
Let me remind you that I hold your past, present and future, and I love them all.
Let me remind you that I am worthy of your trust.
I am worthy of your praise.
I am calling you back into me, deeper and deeper, because I delight in giving you what you need and I am the one that has all you need!

There IS no other source.
There is no other foundation.

I am life.
I am love.
I am goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, peace, patience, and self-control.
I am the fruit of the spirit because I am the spirit.
I am the spirit of truth.
I am wisdom!
I am every thing you need.

I am provision and I am the provider.
I am health and I am the caretaker and the healer.
I am beauty, I am creativity, and I am passion.

I made them all and embody them all, from beginning to end.

Every good and perfect thing comes from me and IS me.
They don’t exist without me, they are all from and through me. I am personified in this earth and in every good thing.

And yes,________, even in you.

Especially in you!

I made man in my likeness because my likeness is good and pleasing.
I see myself in you and I want the goodness, the “Me-ness”, in you to grow and to bear fruit.

I desire your very best, as the perfect Father.
Nothing brings me more joy than to see my chosen ones, my children, my beloved creations living well.

When you feel joy, it is my strength and my essence pouring through you.
When you have joy in the hard, confusing, and physically lean times, you can know that it is me.

________, I am deeply pleased when you bring me a sacrifice of worship and joy in the hard times, because it shows me you get it!

You get who I am. You see me as the prize. You see that you are not capable of making sense of this world but that I AM.

I am capable.
I am here.
I am now.
I am for you and not against you.
I AM working it out perfectly, and I AM the embodiment of everything that you need,

So, there is nowhere else to look!

If you have me, you have it all.


Therefore, be satisfied, my dear.

The more you learn to be satisfied in me, ___________, the more I can trust you with the blessings of who I am. The joy, the peace, the abundance. I promise that you will never lack if you stick close to me. I just love to give you what you need.

I created you to need me above all else.
The need for life and for love is exactly what it is to be human, and made in my image.

So, if the needs you have are holy, they will be met in Me, in my holiness.

As soon as you let go of trying to control your world, and let me do it, you will fall into this “unforced rythym of grace”, one of the most heavenly and mysterious things in the bible.

You will fall into love with Me, as the Son, as the Holy Spirit, and the Father God.
You will love Love and be loved by Love.
And only then can you TRULY give love away, receiving ever more.

You will no longer be phased by circumstance or identified by career, human accolades, or money, power, fame, success or any other thing that (rightly) seems so small in the light of my glory.


When you focus completely on me, my will for you comes to pass.
And my will for you is always good.
For I am always good.
For I AM good.

So, _________, stick close to the source and just let go of the rest.

What you see as wandering, I call preparation.
What you see as lack, I call holy dependence.
What you have called pain, I have called blessing.

So, ________, I bless you with the knowledge of my spirit, the wisdom that comes from being near me, the rejuvenation and refreshment that comes from drinking me in.

_________, I bless you with my peace to weather the storms of this life, knowing I lead you in and I will take you out, all in perfect timing.

________, I bless you with a taste of how wide and deep and high and long my love is for you, how large my heart is for you, how constantly and adoringly I gaze at you every day of your life.

_______, I bless you to be you, and to know that you are more than enough for Me.

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  • wanda

    Trank you from the bottom of my heart.
    This is just what I needed at this particular time in my life, because it was overgrown, although never forgotten.
    Sending you lots of love from Germany, and so happy for you to have finally found your one true Love.

  • Katie

    Such beautiful writing. This truly felt like God was speaking directly through you and granting you some of his wisdom. This really helps during a time when I am desperately seeking out God and his plan for me. Thanks so much! Please keep at it. XO

  • Jennifer Umbs

    True expression of His infinite love for us. Britt, you are very talented! I believe you can be an author. God has gifted you with the ability to write and articulate your thoughts and feelings through His lead. May the Lord continue to richly bless you and Jer. I’m so thankful that I stumbled upon your picture on instagram and saw your youtube link. You’ve been very encouraging and I know this is a gift from God. Thank you for being obedient to the call on your life. Every experience is and will be used for His Glory. We love you!

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