For Love and Beauty Interview: Part Two

(P.S. the whole site is awesome & so is Gina, my friend who made it, and there’s other awesome interviews & photoshoots….just sayin! Woooo!)




What has gotten you through your hardest days?

Jesus, worship music on Spotify, journal-praying every day, My fiancé, my friends, my family, and long walks


True beauty is beauty that isn’t afraid of someone else’s. True beauty, like true love, empowers others! A truly beautiful person is as excited for another’s success as they are for their own. True Beauty comes from inside. True beauty is joyful, peaceful, generous, gracious, forgiving, and kind. A truly beautiful person gives more than they take. A truly beautiful person shares when no one sees. A truly beautiful person let’s someone else have the spotlight, because they know it will fill them up! A truly beautiful person let’s go of anger and chooses to forgive and bless. A truly beautiful person has confidence because they know who made them, and nothing can take that away! A truly beautiful person radiates love from the inside out, and that never fades. A truly beautiful person has wrinkles and lines from smiling and doesn’t care, because it means they lived a life of laughter. A truly beautiful person tells others they are beautiful. A truly beautiful person can look at another person and see the best in them. A truly beautiful person looks so much like Jesus on the inside, that their outside appearance ceases to make much of a difference at all :)

Define LOVE. A lot of people say it, but what does it look like to you?

Love, to me, looks like safety!! For example, I love Jeremy because he makes it SAFE for me to love him. He does this by surrendering our relationship to God.  He gives when it would be easier to take. He says he’s sorry even when I’m wrong. He asks Holy Spirit to show him how he can be sacrificial in relationship. He creates room for me to be vulnerable. He let’s me freak out, but never for too long. He leads me through prayers when I am anxious. He puts gas in my car. He tells me when I’m being someone other than my best self. He makes sure to tell me I’m beautiful, when he knows I don’t feel like it at that moment. He hangs out with people who others don’t think are “cool”. He helps people for free. He always befriends the person without a friend. He speaks life into others, with specificity and care. He doesn’t let anyone feel unseen around him. He remembers peoples struggles and asks them how they’re doing. He learns how to make each person feel special. I could go on and on, but those are the kinds of things that look like true love to me. More than romantic gifts or gestures, the sweet, silent, steady, and sacrificial things that don’t get a lot of fanfare, but make someone feel special. That feels like true love to me.


Anything you would like to say to anyone reading this who at times may feel “not good enough”?

You are!!!

Whats next for Britt?

Well, I really don’t know! I honestly wish I had a better answer for this, but my life is so moment-by-moment, that I don’t know what I could say! Every day is an adventure. I’m doing odd jobs, running all around, trying to make videos and write in the meantime and go to recovery meetings and church. All I know is that whatever is next is going to be good, it’s going to be great, and it’s going to be GOD! He has never let me down! Amen!

What does Wedding Planning look like for you now a days?

We’re trying to do it on a baby-budget so we’re having a ton of fun. Bedsheets for table cloths, friends for set up and tear down, woods for venue, field for reception, and Mexican for dinner! Another fun thing is  possibly a turn on Say Yes to the Dress for the actual wedding dress (fingers crossed–I’ll let ya know!). Anyway, yay! We’re having a total blast and cutting corners and having a great time. We don’t want anything fancy or impressive, just some Mexican food in a field and some love at the altar and on to the honey moon and the rest of our lives we go!!! Woooo hoooooo!!!


Well, I think you two are adorable! I think your’e amazing and one of MY heroes. Thank you for sharing #thisismybeauty and being a part of our message! I love you and I can’t wait to see you again soon! Love + Blessings, Xo Gina

Love you too!! God bless you! You are such a shining beacon of light. I seriously feel the radiant love of Christ just flowing out from you! I am so excited about your platform and the message you’re getting out into a world that so desperately needs it. You’re a doll, a treasure, and an inspiration. Keep shining!! You are right where you’re meant to be and I can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff lined up for you as you give yourself to this so selflessly. I’m so proud of you and honored to be your friend. Love you sister!! You’re such an angel! Byeeeee bye

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