The Ring Thing

So, here’s a little more backstory on our engagement:

And here is some of the real stuff. The hard stuff. The raw stuff. The BEAUTIFUL stuff.

. . .

I remember waking up that first morning and just smiling for what felt like an hour.
Just laying there with a giant smile on my face that I couldn’t control.

I remember feeling elation that I’ve never felt before, and feeling like nothing could bring me down. I walked around in a state of pure bliss. I felt completely drunk.

Literally, should not have been driving.

What is so interesting about that feeling was not the feeling itself, but the curious juxtaposition to the feelings I had been living in up until that day. And what I want to candidly share with you all, in hopes that it resonates and brings some ray of hope, is that I was actually having one of the lowest points in my life up until that very day.

At that time (and even right now–just to keep the honesty rolling), I had no job, no idea how to pay bills, and was coming to terms with the fact that I had really no direction whatsoever. Inside, I felt cheap and scared. I felt lost. I felt afraid of the coming months. I felt like a child in a 30 year olds body, someone who had somehow managed to not “make it”, to not “figure it out” or “click”. I felt like an outsider.

Unsuccessful. Unlovable! I felt embarrassed of myself. Deeply ashamed of my current state of being. I didn’t have an income, and I felt like, at this age and with so many eyes on me, that meant I didn’t have any value at all. I didn’t have a nice enough car to be a nanny, as I applied to be. I didn’t have a nice enough resume to be an actor, as I applied to be. I was told I was too old to do commercials or modeling again. I didn’t hear back when I sent my office assistants resume out. I was rejected again and again, in all different areas, left and right and center.

Right at the same time, as fate would have it…the stupidest little straw broke my self-esteem-camel’s back. It was the tiniest thing, but it pushed me over the edge into hopelessness.

Some strangers online began to taunt me on my social media accounts calling me “fat”, “irrelevant”, and saying “no one cares about you”, etc. I know that it shouldn’t get to me, but at that point, I had no mechanism for defense left. These strangers’ unkind words were falling right into my very tender wounds. The things I was trying to tell myself every day, “you’re enough”, “you’re lovable, no matter what”, were barely whispers against the screaming onslaught of these insults.

And it isn’t even because the insults themselves were so terrible, it was just that I already felt irrelevant and unwanted, so they landed. And they landed hard. I already felt unimportant and less-than, and now hearing others tell me the same (in quite dramatic fashion, in some cases), was just too much to hold in.

I tried to hide my tears while I was with others, but outside of their presence they came on full force. The shreds of self-love I was holding on to during the past few days and weeks of rejections fell to pieces as the words “fat”, “irrelevant”, and “no one cares about you” sank deeper. They echoed my greatest fears, and they cut and bruised me as they bounced around in my mind, over and over.

As a side note: I DO know it is irrational to take to heart anything mean strangers throw at me. And yet, the harshness of their words landed right in the most vulnerable cracks of my current identity-crisis and so they stuck and they stung bitterly.

I could not find a way to see myself as valuable.
I could not find a way to believe I was more than my ability to be attractive, to make money or to support myself (or to finally have a car that isn’t from the 90s, even. ha!).

All the things I normally don’t care about felt so heavy.

For the past weeks without work, as my money dwindled, I had felt afraid embarrassed every day, and heavy laden with guilt at who I had become. I felt sadness and anxiety as I sent out my resumes to jobs I assumed would not hire me, but I was desperate. If only being desperate paid the bills!

I counted my expenses and compared them to my bank account and felt nothing but despair. And that despair, internalized, led to powerful shame that took hold and terrified me.

Not only was I scared, but I was also grieving the loss of the idea that I would be a movie star, a missionary, a super-model, a something! I was grieving the loss of the money I had been making previously but no longer had to support myself, and mostly I was grieving the loss of the picture I’d always had of what my 30-year-old self would be: completely comfortable and settled, with my kids, my huge impact on the world, and my cozy house. As I looked at my world, it did not line up at all!

I was not changing the world, I was barely surviving in it! I was the person who couldn’t drive to things because she had no gas money. I even had to turn off my recurring donations to charity, which hurt my heart more than anything. I felt such regret and pain and YUCK over it all. I couldn’t snap out of it. And despite all my trying, I couldn’t stop feeling like a loser, a drop-out, a complete failure.

…And then…

I found out somebody loved me.

Not just liked me, but LOVED ME.
And not just loved me, but truly CHOSE ME.

When Jeremy proposed, something shifted in my spirit.

In that moment, I found out (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that someone loved me in all my crazy mess.

I found out that someone was willing to choose me, even when I had nothing physical to show for myself.

I have no money in the bank, no cool job, no cool car or house or clothes, no direction that I can bring them, no sexy fairy tale at all.

All I had was me.

Me at the very worst I had ever felt.
Me at the lowest point in my life.
Me and nothing but some huge college loans that felt like anxious monsters wanting to steal, kill, and destroy my sense of security and peace.
Me and nothing but confusion, chaos, guilt, and rejection by many.

And yet…I was loved.

It blew my mind. I didn’t see it coming at all, and I could barely believe it when it did.

Every day, I was trying to figure out a way to prove myself to Jeremy, to make myself valuable enough, to get back on my feet and look the part for him. I was desperate to make a way, to work as hard as I could to become desirable and stable and someone a man would want.

I was so scared of my ensuing debt, so embarrassed of myself for “being a loser”, and so very sure that he was disappointed, hesitant, and turned off.

But I was wrong.

Jeremy actually chose the lowest point of my life to propose to me.

The moment in my life that I felt the least worthy of being chosen.
The least worthy of being taken as a wife.
The least worthy partner anyone could pick.

I had nothing to give and absolutely nothing to show for myself!

Now, I have no idea if that was on purpose, or if he had planned that moment for weeks and it just happened to coincide with my meltdowns, and I don’t know if I will ever truly know…

but God certainly knew.

And God certainly knew the life-changing lesson it would teach me.

After the proposal, on my day of bliss, I could not contain my joy! My joy was so deep, because I could not ignore that I had been chosen at my weakest.

The freedom and hope and power that came from that realization thundered through my soul all day long.

I had done nothing to warrant his affection except to be myself. There was nothing on the outside or in the physical world that would make me a rational choice to join his life with. I was a liability! And I knew it. And still, I was chosen. I was chosen at my lowest, most vulnerable, and most humble moment in my life.

He lifted my chin up, said “I choose you”, and turned my whole world upside down.

I believe if i had been proposed to at another point in my life (when I had a good job, was supporting myself, was not feeling rejected and afraid, was in better shape, had things going smoothly, and felt popular or “relevant”) I would not have learned the sweetest lesson! I would have attributed the engagement to my whole package–definitely including my value as it relates to what I can bring financially, socially, and physically.

But, how much more beautiful and blessed it is for me to KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW, that I was sought out and chosen at my very worst. When I had not one penny to give, not one good thing happening on the outside, and to be honest, not even a consistently joyful attitude or a consistently peaceful spirit to offer! I was down in the dumps in every way, totally broke, and having a mental breakdown (complete with ugly-crying) quite literally every other day.

What a picture it is!

What a messy, gorgeous picture. It reminds me of just how God chooses us.

It reminds me of how we think He cares about our accomplishments and likes us more when we are impressive on the outside, but how He actually chose us when we were at our worst.

I’ve always known this, in theory, but I’ve never let it sink this deep in my spirit. For the first time, I had a real world example of unconditional love. Of love that was not earned. I had a real taste of how our Father loves us, no matter our circumstances. I felt accepted and chosen in the darkest, most un-cool and most upsetting part of my life.

I was such a failure, month after month, in my eyes — and yet Jeremy’s eyes saw me differently.

Looking at the ring on my finger, even though my world was upside down, forced me to believe that true love could be granted without condition. It forced me to believe that I don’t have to be perfect to be accepted. It forced me to believe that my value is not just what I can do, what I look like, or how well I am doing in any area of my life.

The circumstances of this world were definitely not on my side, but God was. And now my sweet Jeremy was.

The ring on my finger became a symbol of unconditional love. It brought me such peace and hope!! I felt such gladness and excitement, and NOT because it solved any of my worldly problems (because obviously it didn’t), or would pay any of my bills for me (obviously it wouldn’t), or would make me anything other than the exact same person I had been the day before (because obviously it couldn’t)…but because it showed me that IN SPITE of those things I was worthy. Wow.

The dramatic shift that happened in my heart that day made me wish I had just believed what God has been saying all along! That I am lovable and chosen, not because I am bringing something of value to the table financially, socially, or physically, but because I am inherently valuable and loved no matter what. That in my darkest seasons, on my lowest days, in the moments I don’t know what I’m gonna do or how I will survive that I don’t have to be ashamed. I don’t have to believe the lie that I am a loser, that I don’t measure up, or that I deserve to be alone.

I believe that the enemy of our souls wants us so tied to the physical world and all that it says is important that we can’t experience Gods love for us. I felt that, very deeply. And I was in bondage to sadness, anxiety, and fear. But! The thing that broke the power of those lies was NOT a job, it was not a cool career, or a winning lottery ticket, a diet, or anything that solved the physical problem at all–it was simply seeing that I was valuable without those things.

Nothing in the world had changed but my perspective. I had been valuable the entire time, but now I could just believe it. I had been set free from the crushing weight of feeling like I wasn’t enough! I couldn’t ignore that someone else thought I was, and that made all the difference.

My hope, my dream, and my prayer is that even after I get used to looking at this ring on my finger, I will remember the lesson it taught me. That I am worthy and chosen before I have done anything to prove myself thus. That I am lovable and desired (by God–the Almighty) every moment of every day, regardless of my life circumstances. That I am valuable beyond physical success or failure.

And so are you! I pray for your heart to be softened as you read this, because honestly, it’s not about me. It’s not about Jeremy. It’s about US and HIM. It’s about perspective! My perspective was shifted and I was clued into a truth that holds true for everyone, forever!

We are not, ever, defined by our circumstances.
We are not defined by our bank accounts.
We are not defined by our outward appearance, our popularity, our cool jobs, our business or our accolades.

We are chosen, inherently, because we are made in His image! Our circumstances, like mine, do not have to change to accept this fact.

I pray that your eyes be opened to the love of the Father! The unconditional love that says, even more purely than any human (even Jer!) can ever say, “I choose you no matter what!” And mean it!

He chooses us in our sin, in our failure, in our mess, our chaos, our humanity, and our distress and calls us His children. He chose to physically take on all of our burdens and suffer and die for them–so of course we must know He does not dislike us. Of course we must believe that He does not forget us, abandon us, or pull away from us.

I have had experiences with people in the past who have rejected, shamed, and abandoned me when I didn’t “measure up”, and it led me to falsely project that kind of conditional love onto God, and to have that kind of conditional love for myself.

But that isn’t connected to truth. It isn’t holy. And it isn’t worth subscribing to!

I give you permission to remember you are enough! To remember you are loved. To remember you are chosen, over and over, every single day you live. I give you permission to know that there is even MORE than a ring on your finger, even more than an engagement in your future, and definitely more than the old narratives you’ve told yourself about who you are!

You have the love of the Creator of heaven and earth, and you have it over every breath you take, and thought you think, and choice you make, and season you find yourself in.

I give you permission to feel the elation, ecstasy, hope, peace, joy and love that comes from knowing you don’t have to prove yourself desirable.

Just rest in the knowledge that you already are.


Father, bless each man and woman with the knowledge, through Your Spirit, that they are perfectly whole and perfectly loved right now. No matter what trouble they face, no matter what life throws at them, no matter how many times they have fallen. You created them to give them life, and life abundantly. I pray for deep connection with your unconditional love for them, every day, all day long. We send away the lies of the enemy that seek to attach our value and identity to the things and circumstances of this world, and in their place we recieve the truth of what you have done for us. You call us Your beloved children, and You don’t ask us to perform first. You love us as we are, and more than we can imagine. Thank You, Father. Seal it in our hearts, for when the storms come. Remind us that You are for us and not against us, no matter what. Forever and always, amen.

Be blessed you guys! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Natalie Lane

    This is truly so beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful. Your words have the power to help so many people. I have related to your feelings for a long time, and it is so hard to remember God’s love when society tells us a different narrative on a daily basis. Your pure heart and spirit are so valuable in this world, and thank you for opening up and sharing your innermost truth. This was exactly what I needed to read today to remind me that in one moment, your entire life can change just by a change in consciousness and by letting the light of God in. Best wishes on your engagement Britt!

    • Maggie

      Hi Britt! I never post comments but I felt compelled to write this as I would have never guessed what was going on in your life. You seem to have it all, you are a beautiful person inside and out and I can tell that anyone would be so unbelievably lucky to call you a friend. This rough time shall pass; i think sooner than you realize. Don’t cry and don’t worry, everything will work out for you. And FYI we have all been there; times are tough right now and money comes and goes. What’s important is you have the strength to keep trying and you haven’t given up. Now you have a life partner to help you along too, I just know things will be so much brighter for your future from now on. You truly deserve the best: man, job, car, house … I have a feeling all of that Is coming your way very soon. Keep your head up, you lovable beautiful girl!!! God bless you always! Xoxo

    • Ellen Y

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I needed to read this and congratulations on your engagement. I am also 30 years old and in a place in life where I find myself constantly comparing where others are romantically and professionally to myself and feeling like I am not good enough. I’ve gone from job to job for the past several years, have been in school for what feels like a decade, and I’m seemingly eternally single, all while my friends have gone on to very successful careers and marriages/families of their own. I unexpectedly just lost my job and it doesn’t look like there are many open positions in my area, so I can definitely relate to financial limitations as well as the void not having a job creates emotionally. Thank you for the reminder that the God we serve loves us as we are. I have to always remember that salvation is a gift and not something we can earn, but also the love and acceptance He has for us is a gift and not something we need to be “good enough” for. Thank you for your candidness and honesty. I am excited to see what opportunities lie ahead for you and your fiancé. As far as the rough patch you’re going through careerwise and financially, it will not last and hopefully it will prepare you for what is next in life. I wish you the best Britt! and again congrats! You deserve unconditional love and joy!!!

  • Alyssa

    Hi Britt,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time but SO happy for you that you found your person! I’m so happy that he is able to see you even in your darkest days. I have found someone like that as well and can’t believe he wants me when I’m a mess! I just want you to know that you are beautiful and you are valuable! You are inspiration to many so just remember that! I wish you happiness and hope you can find it soon :)

  • Taylor Moon

    I am so so blessed by you and your wonderful spirit! Thank you for being such a bright light on my life! Congrats on this amazing time of your life! ❤️🙏

  • Stephanie

    Britt, this is absolutely beautiful!
    Congratulations on your engagement!! I am so happy for you and Jeremy, you both deserve the best.

    Thank you for being so vulnerable in this post. Many people feel the same things you are expressing (trust me, been there) and this post shows that through thick and thin, love is the greatest. Bigger than fame and fortune. Good luck on your job hunt any employer would be lucky to have you working for them!

    Best wishes,

  • Zoe Deloglos

    I can’t tell you how much lighter my heart feels after reading this. Thank you for your honesty, as I was reading your words I kept thinking “me too, me too!”. Your openness and willingness to share the raw moments – all while pointing to Jesus is a gift, and I’m grateful for it. I wish you the best in this next season of your life. x, Zoe

  • Joanne

    Thank you for writing this Britt!!! Spoke to my heart immensely!! I am so happy for you, you deserve so much happiness and love and God is delivering that to you! I know you will find your job now and all that you want and need will come flooding in because of what you have just learned! You and Jeremy have an amazing life ahead of you both and I believe with all my heart you two are going to help change the world! Lots of love to you!!❤️

  • Brittni

    Britt – THIS … soooo powerful — I’m at work right now or I would be weeping on the floor. I have had so many of the same thoughts as of late about my life .. and yet here I am about to make a move to Cali because my heart burns for it. I would LOVE to grab coffee when I get in town – I know that’s a bold request – but I know I need spirit filled people in my life when I get there to run with that are more concerned with the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven than of this earth! I’m proud of you Britt! Thank you for using your platform to truly impact hearts – the best is yet to come!!! Praying for you girl!!

  • Bonnie S

    Where you DIDN’T, HE did.
    Where you chose to believe the LIE, He showed you Truth.
    Where your DOINGNESS was accomplishment, He showed you the beautiful transition into your loveliness, power, and courage in direct alignment to your BEINGNESS.
    Where you couldn’t recognize His unsurmountable LOVE and that it doesn’t have to look a certain way, Jer proposes. (What a heart of the Father!)

    Bless you to receive THE MORE on this journey, this FLIGHT He has you on. His Wings will never fail you!

    Love you, ~ b

  • Jenn

    Hi Britt! I love what you wrote! I love seeing your love of Christ shine through on your Instagram. Congratulations to you and Jeremy. :)

  • Tara

    Wow. So beautifully written and so real!! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! Reading your “Ring Thing” was heart warming and heart relating. I too have struggled with those same struggles, thank you for awakening my heart, girl! Thank you for so beautifully sharing your story as vulnerable as it is you are brave and speak to glorify Him! Enjoy all the sweetest moments of your r gsgenebt keasingbup to your Happy Day!

  • rbpier

    Wow, that was beautiful. It is so hard for us to get it through our minds that we are more valuable than our beauty and performance. Even if we know it in our heads, it is hard to feel it in our hearts. I although I have been blessed in many ways, and many people would say I have a wonderful life, and I do, my life also does not look like I thought it would look. It looks like I will never be a mother (including not fostering or adoption for a list a reasons I won’t go into, so it is not going to happen for me). I always saw myself as a mom and I never thought my life would look like this. But I too I learning to trust God’s goodness, embrace the blessings He has given me, and seek for His purposes and how He wants to use me. Thanks for sharing your heart. You have a beautiful soul and that is something that will never fade and will always radiate out of you. God’s blessings for you and your life.

  • Tope

    What a beautiful and profound post. What you said about the enemy wanting us to look at ourselves through physical things hit me hard. Love you Brut, and congratulations. Thanks for writing this post

  • Tope

    ***sorry, meant to write “love you Brit”!!

  • Nat

    Thank you Britt for such a candidly beautiful post. It made me cry a little cause I am going through similar stuff. Going through the refiners fire always burns a little but is worth it…
    You are such a beautiful person inside and out-its sooo obvious even though I dont personally know you! You are a charming, sweet, magnetic, joie de vivre woman (imo from an outsiders perspective but im sure the people who love you would agree)
    Im so happy for you and Jeremy! He has kind eyes :DJust so you know, I always look forward to your blog and Instagram posts because they uplift me or make me smile :)
    Side note: I think you should make a consistent youtube channel! I would totally watch it!

  • Diana

    Britt, big congrats to you and jer!!!! So happy you have found each other!

    And what a beautiful message in this blog post!!! Imagine what a world this would be if each of us truly believed we were loved unconditionally!!!

    On a personal note, I recently turned 60 and am feeling my aging far more than I would like. Thank you for the reminder that I am worthwhile regardless of how much slower I’ve gotten and how wrinkled I am getting…. Yes, there is so much more I’d love to give to my family and to the world, but I must be content to give as I am able, and not to prove to myself or anyone else that my life here has had value.


  • Eren

    Thanks so much for sharing this! What a beautiful reminder of God’s love and I needed it, it brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written. Keep shining light on the dark places.

  • Ana

    Wow, Britt! That was so amazing and needed. Thank you so much! You are awesome, and really truly you radiate the light of Christ.

    Because you’re engaged now you’ll have to update the info in your story section :))

    Thanks so much again for your super powerful message!

  • Kate

    Congrats on your engagement and thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. Forever inspired by you! Praying for this exciting season of your life and that you continue to trust the love God has for ya!

  • Kristy

    Beautiful Britt, wow this is just beautiful. You have so much spiritual insight and wisdom. Success in Gods eyes doesn’t look anything like success in the worlds eyes. Success in Gods eyes is our surrender that unleashes His mighty hand to work. Success is the weakness that forces us to lean into His power. Success is our “not enough” that leaves us on our knees so that we have to look up and then we see Him and how He not only holds our stories but He holds the stories of the entire world. Failure is walking through life with the misconception that we are in control and that life is all about us. He is graciously saving you from that. I hear the words of your heart and can sense that you truly desire to know Him and to seek truth. You have a beautiful heart! Remember sweet girl that you can never judge your success based on your position in this world, it is eternity that matters. You are here to serve and the way you serve will evolve as Gods mission in your life unfolds. Before his 30s Jesus’s was a carpenter and in 3 years He forever changed our world. Gods timeline almost always looks different that what we expect. I found this post kind of randomly but it’s on my heart that you really need to connect with Jenny Allen, I think her teaching and leadership would be good for your soul. She is in the middle of walking with women through a couple of her studies that would likely speak to exactly where you are at. Please look her up, she has a webpage and is also on FB, a book I walked through leading my women’s group of hers is Nothing to Prove. It was so freeing. Hugs and congrats on your engagement. God has a beautiful plan for your life.

    • Kristy s

      The book that was SO good I recommended is Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen, not Jenny Allen. Sorry that typo was going to bug me. I would be happy to mail you my copy if you want it. It is worth sharing 💛

  • Caroline

    That was Beautiful ❤️ Thank you for sharing, Britt. I needed to hear this. Much love. XO

  • Joy

    This post made me cry and was just what I needed to hear. Congrats on your engagement! You are beautiful inside and out and God loves you indescribably! I can see the work God is doing in you and is going to use you to help others find Him. That is the best thing we can do is to show and share God’s love! I have been bedridden for years in extreme pain from a rare condition and couldn’t do it without God.
    He has shown me why I’m here and it’s to live for Him and help others go through hard times. Your a beautiful soul and I know God will continue to use you! I will keep you in my prayers. God has a wonderful plan for you and your soon to be hubby! I have a wonderful hubby that I know God made just for me and so happy you found the one for you! I don’t know you but I can tell your a sweet person and you deserve all the happiness in the world! Satan tries to steal our joy and tries to get is down but we won’t be defeated as we put on the armor and give it all to God to let Him fight for and with us.
    We get closer to God through struggles as that’s when we need Him most and when we start to see what really matters in life…Him! God bless you! Loved this message and love your ring!
    Btw…check out Francis chan on YouTube. He has wonderful messages and really feel God in his sermons. I Just feel like I was supposed to tell you.
    Beautiful blog too Btw! First time seeing your website.

  • Samantha

    A beautiful, poignant, raw and honest post. Thanks for sharing it with us, Britt. God bless ❤️

  • Loretta

    WOW, thank you for such an amazing testimony! You have given this grandma some inspiration, you have reminded me, regardless of where I’m at, my journey is never over and our Father God LOVES me (you!), regardless!
    God bless you!

  • Sara

    With tears in my eyes I read you story. How someone like you can feel so much hardship is beyond me. As a muslim i completly agree that it is Him and only him who can only give us as much lessons as we can handle. You are such a beautiful spirit and you never cease to inspire me. I wish you all the best Britt, because you deserve nothing less. Thank you for your story it touched me deeply.

  • Ashley

    Wow…just wow… Thank you for this post. I needed this reminder right now. Congratulations on your engagement! So happy for both of you! May you always remember God’s unconditional love for you and you ARE worthy!!!

  • Victoria

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a wonderful writer and you’re a joy to read. Wedding Plans YEA!!!

  • Kayla

    I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog at the most perfect time. I am currently going through a season of life where I feel all the same ways that you describe in this post. I have never read a story so similar and I just wanted you to know how comforting it was to know that I am not alone. I also wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a light for the Lord and for using the platform that He has given you to share of His unconditional love. I watched the season of the Bachelor you were on, and your beauty just radiated from the inside out. Now I know that it is because He lives in you. Congrats on your engagement and I will be praying for you! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Diana

    Oh you shine such genuine kindness and softness of heart . A very likeable person . Don’t ever be let down by other’s opnions. Congratulations from Dubai

  • Kelsey

    The Lord is truly using you to better his Kingdom and it’s so inspiring to see that through your writing! Thank you for sharing!

  • Nikki

    Britt, this was stunningly honest and vulnerable and exactly what I needed to read. You are making so much more of an impact than you realize, and I hope you remember this on hard days. So happy for you, congrats girl!

  • Victoria

    Britt, you are such an incredible woman. I have admired your beautiful soul ever since you were on the bachelor. This article shook my world. I have also struggled with the myth of not being valuable at my worst. You are right, we are worthy, valuable, and lovable no matter where we are in life. It is also important to practice this unconditional love with others.

    Thank you for beautiful article and for being your genuine and a

  • Jasmine York

    Congratulations on your engagement!!! What an AMAZING revelation. I hadn’t read anything about you since your post Bachelorette days and wondered what you were up to when I came across your blog.

    I had no idea you were a Christian. ❤ I love it when God in all of his faithfulness takes a situation that we’re in and uses it to bring us to a deeper revelation of him. A couple years back my husband and I bought a business and it crumbled. HARD. It really shook me to my core and brought out the fact that I had an unhealthy attachment to money.

    Through that time, I came to a place where I now view money as a tool that can be given away instead of the underlying key to my happiness. And an update, my husband has a really good job and I’m the stay at home mom of two beautiful souls. God is so faithful and overwhelmingly good.

    Lastly, you ARE a world changer. I’m sure your blog has already touched someone’s heart and brought them to Christ. Jer. 29:11 is true for you! Lots of love from Missouri! – Jasmine

  • Corinne

    I loved this! I have been subscribed for a little while and just went back and watched all your videos. The relationship you and Jeremy have with God and each other is so inspiring. I love how you both are not afraid to talk about God with the platform you are given. And I just enjoy watching you both! I also just read your blog post the ring thing. I was literally in tears! I could definitely relate to what was said in it and how you were feeling. I’ve been going through a difficult season and this week has had its challenges. Just reading your post really encouraged me and lifted my spirits so much! So many negative thoughts and insecurities I had went away with just that reminder that God has chosen me and sees me as desirable, and loves me no matter what! Thank you! And congratulations on just getting married! I pray you both have a long, healthy, happy life together!

  • Krystal

    So, so, SO incredibly beautiful. This is a message that hits straight to my core, as I share a great deal of similarities with you. Without going into detail, it is almost as if God is presenting some sort of mirror image of my own life in the one which you’re living and so selflessly exposing to the rest of us in hopes that it may help us along our journey as well. You are a remarkable woman with a heart of absolute pure gold. I have only just recently found your blog (which I appreciate beyond comprehension) but have followed you since my absolute knock-you-on-your-butt impression of you since you went on The Bachelor. God is Divine and His path for us certain and while that show was very difficult for you at times, I cannot help but think that God put that in your queue, so to speak, in order to reach out and touch more people than you may have had the capacity to in your own power.
    Thank you for continuing to be so selfless, vulnerable, open… your grace is extended to far more than you may realize. Love you.

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