The Abridged History

Hi, Guys! So, I’m giving this a go! If you read my “My Story” introduction, you know how nervous I am about starting this. My fears are probably unfounded, but I just like being honest about them. I feel like it gives them less power. There we go! So, here it is, and here we are.

I figure, since this is a first post, I’ll start it off simply. I know you saw me on the show, but let me just catch you up to that moment (as quickly and painlessly as possible, cross my heart!).

The (very) Abridged History of Britt Karolina Nilsson:

I grew up in Michigan, in a small town near Detroit. I attended the same school from Kindergarten until 12th grade. Maybe that will explain why my sense of humor developed in such a strange fashion, or why I never knew what it even meant to be “popular” or why I am still shocked when someone tells me that they graduated with more than 60 people.

I lived there until the age of 18, when I felt God pulling me to Los Angeles. I attended Azusa Pacific University, graduating with degrees in Communication, English, and Bible, but still not knowing what to do or who I wanted to be. As I struggled to sort myself out, I wound up working everywhere from the rap department of a music label to a beauty spa, as a ticket broker, a comic book reviewer, a host for DJ interviews, a model, a waitress, an extra in movies, a house-sitter, a bartender, and an astronaut. Ok, maybe not the last one. But, let me just tell you, I was all over the place.

Basically, all I really knew was that I loved people and I loved new experiences. I was seeking spiritual connection, romantic involvement, adventure, excitement, and purpose. I didn’t know where to find these things, and I sought them out in healthy and very unhealthy ways (which I will divulge in detail in my blog, as these areas of my life seem to be resonant with many young people across the country—let me just assure you, I know what it is to be addicted, broken, searching, lonely, frustrated…you name it. But let me also assure you, there is Hope and Healing when you come back to a place of surrender! More on that to come…I sincerely promise). Eventually, I found myself back in the church, back in the arms of God, and ready for the next chapter of my adventure-seeking life.

As it turned out, my longing for adventure (and for romance) is what eventually led me, at age 27, to apply for The Bachelor. The rest is nationally televised history. I feel blessed and lucky to have been chosen, and I loved my time on the shows – despite the many ups and downs (remember my curbside ugly-cry, for example?). This emotional rollercoaster actually left me feeling stronger, more enlightened, and more aware of who I was and what I wanted in life and love. I wouldn’t trade those insights (or my waterproof mascara) for anything!

On both Season 19 of The Bachelor and Season 11 of The Bachelorette, there were times when I felt loved and times when I felt rejected, but through it all I felt God’s mighty hand on my life. I have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from fans, and I cannot find deep enough words to express my gratitude! I thank God daily for your encouragements, kind words, and generous hearts. I am truly grateful for every relationship and opportunity Bachelor Nation has afforded me.

Bottom line? I’m discovering that when you “let go and let God,” your life’s path becomes much clearer. I like to think that our journeys (yours and mine!) are really just beginning – so I’ll try to keep an open heart and mind, waiting for the next miracles to unfold. I’ve learned a little and I hope to learn a lot more. So I figure I’ll just do it OUT LOUD and alongside all of you by sharing my life and my heart on this site. Again, thank you so much; you’ve all been so wonderful. Okay… here we go. Explore away! LOVE YOU!!!



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  • Micki

    OK, honestly I came across your blog via Instagram. I myself am starting my own blog (its in the works) in fact not even yet out there for the public eye yet. I completely understand the fear of letting yourself and your opinions out there for people to either relate or judge. Its encouraging when others out there can openly admit the fears. You rock. Hopefully “I’ll rock” lol Yay to the new blog world. (I’ve never commented on anyones blog before)

  • Megan

    You truly inspire me. thank you for being a light. Your honesty and awareness is very refreshing and enlightening. Very excited for your new blog. I love how authentic you are as a person and that you always give glory to God. You’re outlook on the world is a very positive influence in my life!

  • Megan

    You were actually very popular in school lol and everyone knew you!

  • Christy

    Thank you for starting this website, good luck with your blogging journey and all the best to you! :) Will keep on reading.

  • Mandy

    Thanks for sharing your story with us 💗

  • Anette

    Finally you have a blog 👍 and now I take this chance to ask you this question: since your name is a typical swedish name – do you have any swedish relatives? Take care and keep shining!

  • Maddi

    Hi Britt- I want you to know that you are SUNSHINE! Your vulnerability is precious to me.

    From one sister to another- love.

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